Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all of your frequently asked pricing questions.

Why I should prefer Kenwood Air Conditioners over other brands?

A: There are many reasons for this preference.

(1) The high quality of service support spread over 11 cities of Pakistan.
(2) The brand name in itself calls for reliability and confidence.
(3) A wide range of models to meet the exact needs of customers.
(4) The development of product according to the geographical needs of the country. Thus, Kenwood is the No.1 choice.

What are the sizes of splits?

Kenwood Air Conditioners are available in 12000 BTU, 18000 BTU, 24000 BTU and 41000 BTU.

How much energy does the Inverter AC save?

DC Inverter Air Conditioner saves energy up to 60% (subject to conditions).

How much noise does your AC generate?

Kenwood Air Conditioners are not noisy. Indoor unit generates Noise level of 40 dB (A) & Outdoor unit generates Noise level of 50 dB (A).

Can I purchase this AC on installments?

Yes, but you have to go through associated banks. For updated information on this, you can call us on our UAN no. 111-746-111

How often should air conditioner filters be cleaned or replaced?

It should be cleaned after 168 ~ 200 hours of running.

If an outdoor air conditioning unit needs replacement, should the indoor unit be replaced too?

No, it is not necessary.

How do you know what size AC a room needs?

It depends upon multiple factors which includes room size, sun facing, materials in room etc but as a general rule and supplier recommendation, one can follow the below chart:

Area to be Cooled (Square Feet) Capacity Needed (BTUs per Hour)
150 to 226 12000
215 to 345 12000 ~ 18000
205 to 409 18000 ~ 24000
237 to 463 24000 (Floor Standing)
474 to 670 41000 (Floor Standing)
What should I look for in an air conditioning system?

Following factors should be kept in mind:

  1. Durability& Reliability.
  2. Warranty period
  3. Electricity consumption
  4. After sales service.
  5. Features
How long can I expect a new system to last?

If proper care is taken, Kenwood AC can last to a very long time but company gives warranty of 3 years on Compressors & 1 year on other parts.

Where is your display center?

We do not have any display centre, but our dealership network is spread far and wide. You can call our call centre 111-746-111, to find out dealership in your vicinity.

What is the payment method?

We do not make direct sales, so mode of payment depends upon dealerships. Kenwood dealerships are quite professional and have good set ups therefore they usually accept multiple payment modes i.e. debit card, credit card or cash.

How can I use sleep mode?

It's like standby mode; it maintains the temperature at the required level.

Is it harmful to place the outer unit in open air?

You do not have to worry about it as Kenwood’s outdoor casing is rust free and can bear the harshness of weather.

What is an I-cool function?

I-cool function is a built-in program for instant cooling, which initially sets the Indoor temperature to 18oC and after running for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, it switches Indoor temperature to 24oC and maintains room temperature @ 24oC.

How can I minimize my electricity bill?

Few tips can be followed to keep your electricity bill down while using ACs as well.

  1. Use of DC Inverter AC can save energy up to 60% (subject to conditions).
  2. Use of High EER AC can save energy up to 30%.
  3. Set the temperature of AC not less than 26 oC temperature
  4. Keep room closed and insulated to maximum
  5. Keep filters of AC clean.
  6. Switch off AC when you leave the room.

Should I keep the room closed even when the AC is switched off to maintain cooling?

AC room can be kept closed but it is advisable to have cross ventilation in room after 4 to 6 hours so that fresh air comes in.

Does lower Tone AC guarantee lower electricity bill?

Not necessarily, AC should be bought according to the size of room. If it misfits the size, it will have to run more to cool the room resulting in higher electricity bill.

At what temperature I should normally run the AC?

26oC is advisable in the Pakistan climate.

What should I do if water starts falling from INNER unit of AC?

It is a sign of blockage. Switch off the AC and get it checked from an expert technician immediately. For all such problems, you can refer to the User's Manual.

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