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A KENWOOD design with a simple aesthetic for modern living that boasts functionality.

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The white JKP220 Jug Kettle

NEW 1 cup option conveniently allows users to quickly and easily portion 1 cup up to 6. Helps to fill a little save a lot, both energy and water. Ranged with matching toaster and coffee maker.

Compact and simple design

The True range embodies all of Kenwood's core values, offering simple stylish products to consumers who want products they can trust time after time to deliver consistent results.


The Kenwood JKP 220 jug kettle belongs to the True collection, detailing a compact and simple design that works perfectly with smaller living spaces.


The kettle features the Kenwood Eco 1 cup option which allows you to measure up to 6 cups delivery, saving time and energy.

• New 1 cup graduations conveniently allows accurate filling up to 6 cups
• Mesh filter traps lime scale, removes for easy cleaning
• Spout design allows easy filling and perfect pouring
• Polished concealed element makes cleaning easy
• Cord storage for adjustable length and tidier work surfaces
• 360° power base
• Dual water windows with cups measurements
• Illuminated power indicator
• Hinged lid
• Power: available in 2.2kW and 3kW
• Capacity:1.6 Litres

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